Livable Frederick Planning and Design

Project Highlight: South Frederick Corridors Plan

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The Frederick County Comprehensive Plan

The Livable Frederick Master Plan


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The Livable Frederick Work Program

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The Comprehensive Plan Map


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Small Area Planning


The South Frederick Corridors Plan

Large Area Planning


The Sugarloaf Treasured Landscape Management Plan

Functional Planning


Water and Sewerage Plan

Other Comprehensive Plan Elements

Priority Preservation Areas (PPA) Map

Water Resources Element

Growth Tier Map

Other Planning

Priority Funding Areas

One element of the State of Maryland Smart Growth Act of 1997 is the designation of Priority Funding Areas (PFA). These areas are used by the State to direct and prioritize funding for development and infrastructure projects. Usually PFAs are located within planned growth areas and municipalities with public water/sewer and appropriate zoning designations.

Capital Improvements Program

Go to the Budget Office page to see copies of the Capital Improvements Program (CIP).

The CIP is updated annually, reviewed by the Frederick County Planning Commission, and approved by the Frederick County Council.

Land Preservation, Parks, and Recreation Plan

The Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan (LPPRP) is updated every five years and is required by the State in order to maintain the County’s eligibility for Program Open Space (POS) funding. The plan is created in partnership with the County’s municipalities.

Plan Document

Plan Overview Map

Park Inventory Map


Annual Planning Reports

2022 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

2019 Planning Report

2018 Planning Report

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report (2010)
Inventory of greenhouse gas emissions as part of the Conservation Block Grant Program

Pupil Yield Study (2022)
Number of students created by development of different housing types

Residential Needs and Development Capacity Analysis (2010)
Prepared based on County Comprehensive Plan adopted in April 2010

Transportation Priorities Review Reports
Information and guidance for project priority

Application of the Septic Bill and Growth Tiers for Frederick County

Related Plans

Bikeways and Trails Plan (2018)
Identifies corridors and provides a framework for regional planning, preservation, and project development

Catoctin Mountain Scenic Byways Plan
Details the US 15 Corridor Management Plan.

Comprehensive Energy Plan (2010)
Establishes annual goals for reducing county’s use of non-renewable energy over a 15 year period

Historic Preservation Plan (2007)
Describes the goals, objectives, and policies of historic preservation planning

Linganore Source Water Protection Plan
Describes the watershed, impairments, and recommendations to improve the water quality of Lake Linganore

Linganore Source Water Protection Action Plan (2006)
Implements recommendations for code, policy, and program revisions discussed in the Water Protection Plan

Transportation Master Plan (2001)
Identifies projects and provides guidance on policy, funding, and strategic 

Transportation Planning

Design Guidelines

APFO for Roads Guidelines
Provides guidelines for the preparation of Traffic Impact Analyses for development applications

Bicycle Parking Design Guide (2010)
Meant to supplement the bicycle parking requirements set forth in the Frederick County Zoning ordinance

Bikeways and Trails Design Standards and Planning Guidelines (2003)
Establishes a framework of planning and design recommendations for implementing future corridors

Critical Digital Infrastructure
Provides design guidelines and examples for Critical Digital Infrastructure developments.

Recommended Model Development Principles for Frederick County, MD (2000)
Contains the 23 principles recommended to the Council by the Frederick County Site Planning Roundtable

Streets & Roads Design Manual
A guidebook to best practices for designing roads

Transit Friendly Design Guidelines
Provide information about the benefits of transit-friendly design

Village Center Design Guidelines (2012)
Contains design guidelines and illustrations for development in the Village Center (VC) zone