Water and Sewer Planning

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Triennial Review

The State of Maryland requires an update of the County’s Water and Sewerage Plan every three (3) years.   The Triennial Update includes revisions to various data in the Water and Sewerage Plan, including infrastructure expansions, new water or wastewater capacities, current permitting information, as well as any policy changes related to the planning and provision of public water and sewer service.

On November 19, 2019, the County Council approved the 2019 Triennial Update (“2019 Update”). The Planning Department then transmitted the 2019 Update to the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) for their review and final approval.

On February 19, 2020, the MDE extended their review period for 45 days, and requested additional data from Planning Staff.  Upon receipt of the requested materials, the MDE issued their formal approval of the 2019 Update, but “modified” portions of the 2019 Update to reflect the incorporation of the new data.  The modified portions of the 2019 Update, plus additional data identified by the MDE (and incorporated into the Plan by Staff) were presented to the County Council at a public hearing on February 2, 2021.  The County Council approved the Triennial Update on February 2, 2021. The MDE approved the Triennial Update of the Water and Sewerage Plan on April 22, 2021.


The links below contain the MDE approved Water and Sewerage Plan.

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Chapter 1 - Policies and Procedures

Chapter 2 - Background

Chapter 3 - Water Systems

Chapter 4 - Sewerage Systems

Frederick County Capital Budget (CIP) FY 2020-2025

Frederick County Council Resolution No. 21-03 Approving the Triennial Update of the Water and Sewerage Plan

MDE Approval Letter for the Triennial Update of the Water and Sewerage Plan


The Division of Planning and Permitting is responsible for the coordination of long-term water and sewer planning with the county’s comprehensive planning process. The County Comprehensive Plan identifies community growth area boundaries, which are used as the basis for delineating public water and sewer service areas. The comprehensive plan also provides guidance for the timing of development relative to the availability of water and sewer service. 

The Planning and Permitting Division administers updates and amendments to the County Water and Sewerage Plan and coordinates interagency review with the Division of Water & Sewer Utilities, the Health Department, and the County Attorney’s Office.