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Historic preservation in Frederick County is for the protection and management of Frederick County’s rich historical and cultural resource heritage such that it greatly contributes to the county’s special character, economy, and identity.

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About Historic Preservation in Frederick County

The need for a policy regarding Frederick County’s historical and cultural heritage, brought out by a broad variety of citizens, business organizations and nonprofit groups, resulted in the establishment of the Frederick County Historic Preservation Plan. This plan is a statement of historic preservation goals, objectives, and strategies, which is meant to serve as a guide for land use decisions by county agencies and officials. Recent legislation at the state level and existing enabling clauses in Article 66B provide financial and regulatory incentives to encourage the preservation and effective economic use of historic properties. The Historic Preservation Plan is the first step in making these incentives available to county citizens and making the county government eligible to participate in the existing and proposed programs for historic preservation.

A Historic Preservation Advisory Committee was formed with the authorization of the Board of County Commissioners in October 1995 to review a staff-prepared draft of the Historic Preservation Plan. The committee was composed of representatives and individuals with experience in history, architecture, and other fields related to historic preservation. The committee reviewed the draft plan, meeting regularly from December 1995 - July 1996. During January and February 1996, public informational meetings about the draft plan were held in Frederick, Thurmont, New Market, Middletown, and Brunswick. The Advisory Committee’s Recommended Draft Plan was presented to the County Planning Commission on October 16, 1996. A second round of public open houses at the same locations named above was held during December 1996.

On January 15, 1997 the Planning Commission voted to recommend adoption of the Plan to the Board of County Commissioners. The County Commissioners adopted the Draft Plan on February 18, 1997.

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