Building Permits and Zoning Certificates

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Application Process

Building permits are required to establish minimum requirements for the protection of life or limb, health and public welfare and protection of property as it relates to the structures built or existing structures being modified or altered. 

Applications must be made on the portal here. For further information, please select a specific certificate or permit type below.

Approval Requirements

Approval is required for all new construction in the county or in the municipalities, with the exception of the City of Frederick and Mt. Airy. The City of Frederick and Mt. Airy are responsible for their own building permits. Zoning certificates for properties within municipalities must be applied for prior to Building Permit application at the Department of Permits and Inspections. Approval is required for modifications, alterations or changing the usage of any building or structure. Approval is required for accessory structures, such as a shed, pool, deck, garage, sign, etc.

Online Payments

Permits and Inspections will now accept credit cards, debit cards and online payments. Pay online on the through the portal here. Please note there is a service charge on all credit card, debit card and online check transactions. The service fee for an online check payment is $1.49 per transaction. The service fee for using a credit card or debit card is 2.5% per transaction total.

Resolution 14-01: Allows the Use of Surety Bonds to Guarantee Private and Public Improvements

Submittal Requirements and Application Forms

New or Replacement Dwelling Units

Single Family Dwelling

Townhouse or Duplex

Apartments or Condominiums

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

All Other Residential Uses

Expedited Process Information

Additions / Alterations / Accessory


Hot Tub and/or Swimming Pool
(Pool Permit- Zoning Submittal Requirements for lots under 2 acres in size)


Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Requirements



Foundation, New, Complete Building, Core, Addition, or Accessory Structure



Tenant Fit Out

Tenant Occupancy Permit Application - No Construction

Trailer (Construction, Office, Sales, Temporary or Permanent)

Expedited Permit and Inspection Certificate for Small Commercial Businesses (EPIC)

Agricultural Building / Zoning Certificate

Zoning Certificate for Agricultural Building


Fee Calculation Worksheets

Plan Review Checklist

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Annual Statement

Address Posting Requirements

Request an Address

Impact Fee Offset Request Form

Impact Fee Refund Request Form

Impact Exemption Procedures

Inspection Information

Municipality Information For Expedited Building Permits
(NOTE: There have been changes made to this list)

Refund Request Form

Storm Water Management Design Manual

Void Request Form