Peer Support

Peer Support
Peer support and recreational activities are provided to develop a wide range of skills, strengths, and interests of participants. Family Partnership provides programming that is comprehensive and well rounded in nature. Services are delivered with the cultural context of those served in mind.

We empower participants with skills and relationships that will bridge over to their daily lives outside Family Partnership. Not only does this include basic life skills and recreation, but it also provides excellent opportunities for participants to develop leadership and advocacy skills. These skills are very important in the growth and development of the children, youth and adults attending the center. These opportunities are offered regularly to promote the development of such skills.

Examples of Peer Support
  • Arts and crafts, sewing classes, jewelry making, etc.
  • Celebrations of holidays, birthdays, special occasions, and cultural observances.
  • Field trips that are age appropriate for young children and/ or youth.
  • Picnics, table games, athletic events, and a variety of special interest clubs.
  • Support group on a specialized topic (dating, decision making and goal setting, etc.)