Monrovia East West Connector

Project Overview

The Monrovia East-West Connector Road project is for the construction of a 0.35 mile long new segment of roadway connecting Ed McClain Road to MD 75 (Green Valley Road). The project will also include improvements to 0.30 miles of existing Ed McClain Road immediately north of Emerald Crown Drive, and intersection improvements at the planned new intersection with MD 75.

Current Status

The project is currently in the final design stage:  100% design plans have been developed and are under review for further refinements based upon agency and public comment. Construction is anticipated to begin near the end of summer of calendar year 2024.

Public Meeting

The first Public Informational Meeting was held on Wednesday, May 26 at 7 pm.

To watch the meeting live, please visit:

Meeting minutes with a summary of questions and answers can be reviewed at:
May 26, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Useful Links

Final (100%) design plans