Frederick County 275 Flag Redesign Contest

As part of Frederick County’s 275th Anniversary Celebratory year, the Frederick County 275 Planning Committee held a community contest to redesign the County flag.

Three finalists were selected and the three designs moved forward to the public voting round that ended on Saturday, June 10 at 10 p.m., with the conclusion of the 275th Jubilee event. The contest winner would receive a cash prize of $1,275 and a full-size flag with their design. 

“Frederick County values the arts, and we want to encourage talented artists of all ages to participate in the contest to redesign our flag.” County Executive Jessica Fitzwater said in a Press Release

The three final designs were selected by the County Flag Contest Selection Committee. The Committee reviewed 137 designs in total. The designs were evaluated based on three criteria: simplicity; color scheme; and narrative.

The winner with the highest number of votes is pictured below (“Frederick, the Crossroads of Maryland"):

Flag with red, black, yellow and white quadrants"Frederick, the Crossroads of Maryland"

The new flag, designed by Frederick County resident Marc DeOcampo, includes red, yellow, black, and white shapes that intersect forming a crossroad design. 

The design narrative states “Frederick County, rich history, bright future. Where the east opens to the west and north connects with the south. Where traditions enrich innovation and technology. Where one can find both authentic rural hamlets and vibrant urban cities. Where farm to table happens every day. Where generational families’ welcome newcomers to the community. Where diverse backgrounds, cultures, faiths, races, ages, and abilities come to share and thrive. Frederick County, for 275 years serving as a crossroads at the center of Maryland, 1748-2023.”

Press Release

Voting Results

Flag Contest Results Bar Chart

Flag Contest Results Graphic

Current County Flag

Current County Flag

Fredericks United Future

"Frederick's United Future"

The Past the Present and Future

"The Past the Present the Future"