Climate and Energy Action Plan

Climate & Energy Action Plan (CEAP) for Internal Government Operations

Facing the Challenge of Our Times. The effects of climate change are already evident in Frederick County, as can be observed by increasingly frequent and intense weather events, such as extreme heat and flooding. These environmental hazards affect our economy, infrastructure, and way of life. Frederick County Government is working to simultaneously build the resiliency of our community while also reducing our impact on the environment. Our efforts involve:

Leading by Example.  The Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP) for Internal Government Operations enables County staff to convert sustainability goals into action. It accelerates our existing climate response efforts and amplifies our impact by coordinating with the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments and its 2030 Climate and Energy Action Plan. It also ensures that we are on target to meet or exceed the goals of Maryland's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act.

Good Government in Action. Done well, these efforts to increase our resilience will demonstrate the practicality and feasibility of taking action. 
Climate planning will also: 

  • Protect public health, heritage, and well-being.
  • Provide economic opportunity and increase benefits from improved technology.
  • Increase our energy independence as we rely more on renewable sources.
  • Save tax dollars by increasing energy efficiency, protecting infrastructure, and attracting state and federal funding to help achieve our goals.

Evolution of Progress. Frederick County has been a leader in addressing climate change since the early 2000s. The County developed its first greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory in 2007 and a comprehensive energy plan in 2010. More recently, in 2020, the County Council established the Climate Emergency Mobilization Workgroup to provide recommendations on climate strategies. In 2021, County Executive Jan Gardner and the County Council launched several climate initiatives. In addition, the 2022 update to the Frederick County Hazard Mitigation Plan included actions to reduce risk from climate hazards. In 2023, County Executive Jessica Fitzwater began implementing the CEAP to hold government agencies accountable and make transparent progress toward our sustainability goals.