Water and Sewer Planning

Water & Sewerage Plan

The Water and Sewerage Plan guides the provision of public water and sewerage service that is consistent with State goals and regulations and with the County's (or municipality’s) Comprehensive Plan. The plan document identifies goals and policies regarding water and sewer service including systems maintained by the municipalities and the county.  The Water and Sewerage Plan provides detail on water and wastewater capacities and future demands.

This plan is required by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and is reviewed and updated at least once every three years. The most recent Water & Sewerage Plan was approved by the Frederick County Council on February 2, 2021 and by the Maryland Department of the Environment on April 22, 2021. 

Frederick County Water & Sewerage Plan

Frederick County Capital Budget (CIP) FY 2024-2029

In addition to being revised every three years, Water & Sewerage Plan amendment requests are accepted three times a year in March, July, and November. For more information, please review Water & Sewerage Plan Amendments

Water & Sewerage Plan Classification Maps

Every property in Frederick County is assigned a water and sewer classification through the Water & Sewerage Plan, including properties located in incorporated municipalities. The County’s classifications designate whether a property is eligible for public water or sewer service and the anticipated timeframe that service is expected to be available. 

To find out the water and sewer classification of a property:

  • Visit the County’s GIS Map Atlas page and scroll to the “Water and Sewer” section. These are 11” x 17” maps for each Tax Map in the County. If you do not know the tax map or parcel information please see Maryland’s Real Property Data Search.
  •  Visit the County’s interactive mapping tool, Property Explorer. Water and sewer classifications are available under the “Layers” tab.
  •  Contact Livable Frederick Planning & Design staff: Karin Flom at 301-600-2508 or Andrew Stine at 301-600-1485.

Water Resources Element

The purpose of the County‘s Water Resources Element (WRE) is to coordinate growth management and water resources planning efforts in Frederick County. The Water Resources Element primarily addresses the County owned and operated water and wastewater systems, although data is included for municipal systems and municipal growth areas. The WRE discusses the watershed resources of the County; the quality and quantity of drinking water supplies with respect to planned growth; the treatment capacity of wastewater treatment facilities and disposal of treated effluent; and a review of the County‘s stormwater management and non-point source pollution programs. 

The WRE was adopted on September 23, 2010. An updated Water Resources Element is currently under development.