Winter Weather Service Modifications

When winter weather strikes, we will do everything possible to keep our scheduled routes running as smoothly as possible. But sometimes, the weather gets too rough. When it does, we may have to temporarily detour from our regular route to travel an alternate route until roads/areas are treated and safe for driving.

Connector Service: Alternate Routes for Winter Weather Emergencies

When the alternate routes are implemented, SOME REGULAR BUS STOPS WILL BE MISSED OR RELOCATED. Please refer to each map and schedule for the snow emergency route. Maps and schedules are available onboard each bus and online. The snow emergency routes are shown with blue snowflakes. 

Alternate routes for winter weather emergencies may be implemented for the #10, #50, and #51 for the following roads/areas: Himes Avenue; McCain Drive; Hillcrest Drive; Prospect Plaza Shopping Center.

10 Connector50 Connector

51 Connector

Brunswick/Jefferson Shuttle: Snow Emergency Route

Please refer to the map and list below for the snow emergency route. The snow emergency route is referenced in blue with snowflakes. In hazardous conditions, the Brunswick/Jefferson Shuttle will operate as follows:

The following stops will be made:

Jefferson Market 
Brunswick House Apartments 
Brunswick Shopping Center 
Brunswick Crossing Shopping Center 
Brunswick Medical Center

The following stops WILL NOT be made:

City Park 
Brunswick Senior Center
 Dollar General 



When inclement weather causes hazardous driving conditions, Transit may operate limited service to the Frederick MARC train station.

AM Shuttle Service: 

If hazardous driving conditions occur in the morning, AM shuttle service to Point of Rocks will NOT be provided and the Walkersville Meet-the MARC shuttle will be cancelled.

PM Shuttle Service:

If hazardous driving conditions occur in the evening, PM shuttle service for Point of Rocks and Walkersville Meet-the-MARC may be limited to the earliest scheduled trains.

How do I find out about service cancellations or schedule changes?

If inclement weather necessitates the implementation of alternate routes, Transit drivers will notify onboard passengers immediately, and announcements will be made using:

Transit Alerts (register at 
Twitter: @TransitServices
Facebook at Transit Services of Frederick County 
Call our office at 301-600-2065 for up-to-date announcements.

For more information or for a list of the bus stops that will be missed or relocated when the alternate routes are in place, please contact Transit at 301-600-2065 or visit