Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan

Facing the Challenge.

Climate change threatens our community's health, safety, environment, and economy. Choices we make, and actions we take will affect the intensity of climate impacts in Frederick County. Decreasing those impacts will depend on the extent of greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions in the next few years – both globally and locally. 

data from across Frederick County showed THAT the transportation sector accounted for approximately

Reducing Transportation Emissions.

Vehicle electrification can play a critical role in reducing emissions and reducing air pollution. Electric vehicles (EVs) produce zero tailpipe emissions and zero GHG emissions if powered by renewable energy. There is significant national, state, and regional momentum for vehicle electrification. However, there are also barriers. In Frederick County and other jurisdictions, one of the most pressing barriers is a lack of EV charging infrastructure to support increased numbers of EVs and give prospective EV drivers range confidence.

Preparing for a Sustainable Future

To respond to the challenges of climate crisis and mitigate our community's impact on the environment, Frederick County has prepared an Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan (EVRP).  This is the first step in a larger planning process to address these challenges and establish a strategic, coordinated action plan for EV charging infrastructure to support EV drivers and the County’s GHG emission reduction goals.  You can read the plan here, submit feedback, and find links to additional resources and EV incentives.

You can help!

Use the links and information on this page to learn more, submit your feedback, and get involved.

Cover page of the electric vehicle readiness plan
EVRP Contents Infographic