• Approve grants
  • Contract for services
  • Create a vision for local government in achieving results for children and families
  • Determine service delivery needs
  • Engage commitment and broad collaboration
  • Establish policy guidance
  • Facilitate inter-agency coordination
  • Make decisions on standards, goals and priorities
  • Review outcomes

Administration Services

  • Ensure ongoing operations
  • Implement plans and services
  • Provide and/or coordinate technical assistance

Oversight Services

  • Coordinate evaluation and accountability for outcomes
  • Define baseline and results
  • Establish methodologies for evaluation
  • Manage information system
  • Monitor services

Fiscal Management

  • Allocate resources
  • Manage funding received from the state
  • Pursue development of additional funding
  • Serve as fiscal agent
  • Submit a child and family budget to local and state government


  • Complete community needs assessment
  • Develop and update long-term plan annually
  • Eliminate duplication of services
  • Identify resources
  • Plan and develop new services

Public Awareness

  • Command public and legislative attention and support
  • Coordinate and provide training
  • Emphasize monitoring and collaboration
  • Engage private sector commitment
  • Promote public awareness of existing services
  • Shift focus to prevention / early intervention