County Executive Office


Winchester Hall
12 E. Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701



Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bearden, Monica Deputy Chief Administrative Officer 301-600-1303  
Cambrel, Kelly Public Affairs Specialist 301-600-2590  
Depies, CPA, Lori Chief Financial Officer 301-600-1753  
Edsall, Athena Administrative Analyst/Scheduling 301-600-3190  
Gardner, Jan County Executive 301-600-1100  
Grossnickle, Joyce Administrative Officer 301-600-1102  
Harcum, Rick Chief Administrative Officer 301-600-1028  
Hughes, Michael Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer 301-600-1093  
Keeney, Heidi Special Assistant to the County Executive 301-600-1075  
Laxton, Vivian Communications Director 301-600-1315  
McCarthy, Kathan Administrative Analyst/Constituent Coordinator 301-600-6083  
Blackburn Naumann, Emilee Executive Assistant to CAO, Deputy CAO, CFO 301-600-1028  
Navarro, Leyda Administrative Coordinator 301-600-1100  
Nusbaum, Margaret Chief of Staff 301-600-7700  
Schaefer, Joy Government Affairs Director 301-600-1621  
Spiegel, Janice Education and Special Initiatives Director 301-600-1622  

Budget Office 

Winchester Hall
12 E Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Weaver, Kelly Budget Director 301-600-1185  
Peterson, Jennifer Assistant Budget Director 301-600-1628  
Kauffman, Tanya Budget Software Integrator 301-600-1693  
Bartoli, Jeanne Budget Analyst III 301-600-2971  
Finafrock, Lori Budget Analyst II 301-600-2990  

Communications Department 

Winchester Hall
12 East Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Laxton, Vivian Director 301-600-1315  
Cambrel, Kelly Public Affairs Specialist 301-600-2590  
Betts, Scott Assistant Manager - Video Services 301-600-6003  
Eckert, Chris Video Producer - Video Services 301-600-6657  
Kelley, Charlie Video Producer - Video Services 301-600-2372  
Mongan, John Manager - Video Services 301-600-6004  
Rosa, Brandon Video Tech/ Multimedia Journalist/Video Services 301-600-6013  

Office of Economic Development 

118 N. Market Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Frederick, MD 21701


Sustainability & Environmental Resources 

30 N. Market Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Moore, Shannon Director 301-600-1413  
Ashbacher, Dawn Sustainability Program Manager 301-600-6864  
Campbell, Kim Program Manager I 301-600-1996  
Cliber, Suzanne Program Specialist 301-600-7414  
Dorsey, Donald Project Manager IV 301-600-2952  
Joiner, Jeremy Project Manager IV 301-600-1350  
Nizzardi, Leann Administrative Specialist II 301-600-1416  
Williamson, Linda Project Manager III 301-600-1741  
Information, General Office   301-600-1416  

Workforce Services 

200 Monroe Avenue
Suite 1
Frederick, MD 21701



As one of the nation's One-Stop Career Centers, Frederick County Workforce Services (FCWS) links businesses in need of qualified employees with individuals seeking employment opportunities.
For job seekers, FCWS provides comprehensive career management services, including: career assessment and vocational counseling, computer and job search seminars, assistance with resume and interview preparation, career training scholarships, and access to hundreds of current job listings through the Maryland Workforce Exchange.
For businesses, FCWS utilizes innovative strategies to help identify and achieve recruitment, retention and training goals. Services for businesses include: placement assistance, job listing opportunities, customized employee training, access to funding for training, outplacement services, use of onsite facilities, and on-the-job training programs for new hires.