What is Virtual School (formerly known as FLEX)

Virtual School is part of Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS). Through this program, students can earn credits towards a high school diploma. Courses are aligned to FCPS Essential Curricula and represent a variety of merit, honors, and Advanced Placement options. Students should be self-motivated independent learners and they usually take one course at a time. Instructors are highly-qualified FCPS teachers with special training in working with students in a virtual setting. Family Partnership (FP) collaborates with Frederick County Virtual School. Through this collaboration, students that are enrolled in Virtual School classes that could also benefit from FP services are allowed to take their classes on-line in FP’s computer lab. Regular attendance at Family Partnership is required.

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1. Who can participate in Family Partnership?
2. When is the next orientation?
3. What is Virtual School (formerly known as FLEX)
4. Can anyone participate in Virtual School at Family Partnership?
5. Are exceptions ever made regarding the age when a student is eligible for Virtual School?
6. What is GED?
7. What are GED classes?
8. Can I work on my GED if I am under 18?
9. If I am older than 18 and want to study for the GED exam, how do I proceed?
10. What is CASAS?
11. How long does it take to get my GED at Family Partnership?
12. Who can receive employment services and what are they?
13. Does Family Partnership offer childcare?
14. What if I need transportation?
15. Are translation and/or interpretation services available?
16. Is there a waitlist for services?
17. What documents do I need when I start at Family Partnership?