Does the bus only stop at bus stop signs?

a. Unless you are in an area where flag stops are permitted, you must be present at the bus stop when the bus arrives. Route deviation is also available with advanced notice.

b. Flag stops are permitted as follows:

In Frederick’s historic area (from South Street to 7th Street and from East Street to Bentz Street) flag stops will be permitted for all Connector and shuttle routes. You may flag the bus to stop at any traffic-controlled (stop sign or stop light) street corner along the route except: 1.Corners where the right lane must turn right and the bus route does not turn right 2.Corners where the bus route turns left from the left lane, and at 3.Corners where road conditions are such that a bus stop would be unsafe for passengers 4.On shuttle routes you may flag the bus to stop anywhere along the route within Emmitsburg, Thurmont, Brunswick, and Jefferson.

b. Route Deviation. Six “Connector” routes offer deviated route service. Passengers may request a route deviation within ¾ mile of the route. If requested, buses can deviate up to ¾ of a mile off the regular route to pick you up or drop you off closer to your origin or destination. Arrangements for route deviations must be made one business day in advance. 

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