Why do I need to use the address assigned by Frederick County and why is it important?
The GIS Document Shop of Frederick County assigns the address based on the county adopted addressing grid system, utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Following the assignment of addresses the address is reported to E911, other government agencies, utility companies, and the U.S. Postal Service. Your address is recorded as a part of the data records of Frederick County and becomes your official address to identify your property.

Reasons for your officially assigned Frederick County address:

  • The assigned address is the primary method for emergency responders to locate you in an emergency. When you place a call using 911, the dispatcher reports your address number to the appropriate Fire, EMS, or Police and other first responders. In the event of you are having a health emergency and are not able to communicate when calling 911 your address assigned address number is displayed on the E911 dispatchers’ screen.

  • The utility companies for electricity, phone, gas, cable, and government agencies for public water and sewer system utilize your official address for providing services.

  • The U.S. Postal Service mail carrier and private delivery services make a delivery based on the official assigned address.

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