You came in my subdivision but didn't do my road. How can I be sure you won't forget me?
While it may feel as if you've been forgotten, if your subdivision road is maintained by the County, we will plow it. Subdivision roads are the last group of roads to be cleared after a storm. Primary roads are reopened first. Then secondary roads are cleared. These include main neighborhood collector streets. The process is slowed down when crews encounter parked and abandoned cars. In certain subdivisions, there may be County-owned facilities, such as treatment plants or pump stations that must be accessed. To coordinate with snow plowing procedures, the staff at these facilities may enter a subdivision with the 'blade up' unless the snow is extremely deep, in which case you may see them plow in and out.

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1. Where can I find more snow removal information?
2. Who is responsible for plowing my street
3. When will my street be plowed? Is there a place I can check the status?
4. You came in my subdivision but didn't do my road. How can I be sure you won't forget me?
5. How do you prioritize plowing? Where can I access the priority list?
6. I have a funeral/medical procedure/baby coming soon/no diapers or formula in the house. Can my street by made a priority?
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11. I cleared the sidewalk and now you've dumped snow on it. Who will remove it?
12. You have piled snow at the end of my cul-de-sac. Who will remove it?
13. I cleared my driveway entrance and now you have blocked it with snow. Who will remove it?
14. Who removes vehicles that have been abandoned?
15. Is school cancelled?
16. I am available to help with snow plowing. Can you use my company? How will I be paid?