Priority Area: Education & Workforce Development

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  • Recruit & Retain Educators 
    • The County Executive and County Council appropriated $29.2 million in FY2024 to raise salaries for educators, administrators, and support staff – roughly a 6% increase for all employees. The County Executive and County Council appropriated the funds to add 346 full-time employees to FCPS in FY2024, of which 330 work directly with students. The County Executive and County Council also provided support in FY2024 to implement longevity stipends for some FCPS employees, provide stipends for bus drivers and bus assistants, and limit insurance premium increases.
  • Student Behavioral Health
    • The County Executive and County Council provided increased funding for special education by approximately $7 million in FY2024 to support the Child Find program and to hire new board-certified behavioral analysts, itinerant special education school therapists, a school psychologist, a pupil personnel worker, and a trauma therapist.

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  • Better Utilize Real Estate
    • Under the direction of the Chief Administrative Officer, County staff are compiling a comprehensive inventory of County-owned buildings and land. Once complete, this inventory will be used to identify opportunities to think creatively about use of County-owned spaces.
  • Universal Pre-K Implementation
    • At the August 16 Planning Commission meeting, FCPS staff reported that they have space or have a plan to have space for pre-kindergarten for four-year-olds.
  • Comprehensive Workforce Plan Summit
    • The County Executive will convene a workforce summit planning committee in the fourth quarter of 2023 and will host a workforce summit in the first quarter of 2024.
  • Apprenticeship and Internships
    • The Division of Public Works Training Program coordinates with the Career & Technology Center and Frederick Community College and currently has employees in the ABC trades. The Division of Human Resources is partnering with FCPS to roll out a County-wide initiative to place students in apprenticeship and internship positions in County government.

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  • Collective Impact Vulnerable Students

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