Priority Area: Government Innovation

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  • Modernize the Website
    • The County launched a new website in the second quarter of 2023 and is implementing policies and procedures to ensure the content is updated regularly.
  • Meet Constituents Where They Are
    • The County Executive held a record number of budget town halls, including one in each councilmanic district and continues to hold community meetings around the County. The County Executive’s workgroups are also holding hearings around the County.

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  • Break Down Siloes
    • The County Executive convenes regular meetings with all division directors where the County’s senior leadership team can inform each other about major initiatives within their divisions and share ideas and information. At the Transition Team meeting in early 2024, the County Executive will highlight specific examples of where County divisions came together around a table to solve problems.
  • Enterprise-Wide Approach to Tech
    • Under the supervision of the Chief Administrative Officer, all County divisions are migrating to a technology solution which will provide the backbone of an enterprise-wide approach to technology.
  • Data Driven Frederick Partnership
    • The County Executive and the President of Hood College will sign a memorandum of understanding in the fourth quarter of 2023 to formalize a partnership between Frederick County Government and Data Driven Frederick.
  • Outcome-Based Budgeting
    • In preparation for the FY2025 budget process, County staff are participating in trainings on outcome-based budgeting. During the FY2025 budget process, the County Executive will pilot outcome-based budgeting in several divisions.
  • Enterprise-Wide Approach to Comms
    • The Communications and Public Engagement Office began holding regular meetings with division-level communications staff.

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  • Culture of Innovation
  • Modernize Talent Management
  • Customer Service Experience

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