Priority Area: Public Safety

Dial with yellow color filled half way.


  • Laird LODD Implementation
    • As of May 1, 2023, 62 recommendations have been implemented, 37 are underway, and 38 have not been started.
  • First Responder Recruitment & Retention
    • The Maryland General Assembly passed and the Governor signed a bill to create a commission to study and make recommendations in this area, and the County will consider its approach to this issue after reviewing the commission’s findings.
  • Wellness of Front-Line Workers
    • The County Executive and County Council provided funding for a new wellness program in the Sheriff’s Office in FY2024.
  • Expand Programs & Measure Impact
    • The County Executive and County Council provided funding for a data analyst in the Division of Fire and Rescue Services in FY2024.

Dial with orange color filled the quarter of the way.


  • Intimate Partner Violence Prevention
  • Additional Behavioral Health Protocols
  • Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
  • Youth Engagement

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