Priority Area: Sustainability Infrastructure & Transportation

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  • Engage the Agricultural Community
    • In addition to the Agritourism Workgroup, the County Executive meets regularly with the Farm Bureau’s leadership and participated in farm visits. The County Executive and County Council provided funding for the Agricultural Innovation Grants in FY2024.

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  • Leverage Federal Money
    • The County contracted with a firm that specializes in federal grants to ensure we are securing more than our fair share of federal grant money.
  • Transition County Fleet to EV
    • Under the direction of the Chief Administrative Officer, County staff are preparing a plan to transition the County fleet to electric vehicles.
  • Advocate for Expanded Regional Service
    • The County Executive met with MDOT Secretary Paul Weidefeld and County staff meets regularly with MDOT staff to advocate for Frederick County’s regional needs

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  • Comm. Approach to Energy Efficiency
  • Build Resilience
  • Adequate Domestic Water & Sewer
  • Greenway Corridors & Infrastructure Plan
  • Re-organize & Resource Transportation

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