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County Attorney

  1. Public Information Act Request Form

    Access this form for PIA Requests.

Family Partnership

  1. Family Partnership Internship Program - Business Development Inquiry
  2. Intake Form for Family Partnership Services
  1. Family Partnership of Frederick County Volunteer Application

    Thank you for your interest in a volunteer opportunity with Family Partnership! We look forward to exploring this opportunity with... More…

Fire & Rescue

  1. 2017 Annual Leave Pick Form - Round 1
  2. 2017 Annual Leave Pick Form - Round 3
  3. 2017 RDO Picks
  6. Fire Report Request

    Fire Report and Investigation Report Request Form

  7. Frederick County Public Safety Training Facility Reservation Form
  1. 2017 Annual Leave Pick Form - Round 2
  2. 2017 Annual Leave Pick Form - Round 4
  3. Burning Issues Initiative for FCFRS Employees and Volunteers

    The burning issues initiative is intended to give FCFRS employees and volunteers an opportunity to communicate directly to the Chief... More…

  4. DFRS Transfer Request Form

    DFRS Transfer Request Form

  5. EMS Computer IMEI Number
  6. Frederick County Permitting Services Notification

    Form for submitting issues for Permitting Services to Review


Sustainability & Environmental Resources Forms

  1. Creek ReLeaf 2020 - Reforesting Frederick County
  1. Green Leader Brigade Interest Form

    The Green Leader Brigade is a group of volunteers, ages 16 and above, who help with yearly stream cleanups, tree plantings, and other... More…

Utilities & Solid Waste Management

  1. Owner's Authorization to Bill Tenant or Third Party

    Request for tenant/third party billing

  2. Request for Fire Hydrant Flow Test

    Request for fire hydrant flow test for the Division of Water and Sewer Utilities

  3. Service Order Request - Interim Meter Reading

    Request for out-of-sequence water meter reading

  4. Water/Sewer Paperless Billing Application

    Request for paperless (e-mail) water/sewer bills

  1. Record Drawing Request Form

    Record Drawing Request Form for the DWSU Department of Engineering and Planning

  2. Request for Information Regarding Connection to County Water and/or Sewer

    Request for information for Department of Engineering and Planning

  3. Service Order Request - Water Meter Reading and Check for Service Line Leak

    Request for service line leak check at property