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Medicare Part D - Check Your Knowledge

  1. Medicare Part D Exam
  2. 1. A beneficiary wishes to remain with the same company, if at all possible. After review, you notice her current plan no longer covers one of her medications. There are multiple plans that will cover all her medications, how do you proceed? *
  3. 2. Who determines upon what Tier a medication is placed?*
  4. 3. Choose the vaccines that are covered under Medicare Part D*
  5. 4. You are with a client that wants to know what their out of pocket cost of the Shingles vaccine would be. You:*
  6. 5. The plan finder may not have all of a client’s medications in the system, why might this occur?*
  7. 6. Drug plans coverage varies from plan to plan. In what ways do they differ?*
  8. 7. When a drug plan has a deductible how does the beneficiary pay this?*
  9. 8. Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding Medicare Drug plans with a deductible?*
  10. 9. There are certain cases outside of “open enrollment” referred to as a “Special Enrollment Period” (SEP) during which time a beneficiary is able to change their plan. Which of the following is NOT considered a “SEP”?*
  11. 10. How often can a Medicare beneficiary who has the Extra Help/LIS (Low Income Subsidy) program switch prescription drug plans each year?*
    complete question above
  12. 11. Your client has the Senior Prescription Drug Assistance Program (SPDAP) and he is considering a drug plan but wants to know how his annual out of pocket costs compare when factoring in the state subsidy.*
  13. 12. The client you are with wants to look at her health coverage (Medigap), how should you proceed?*
  14. 13. A client comes up as a “full dual” in the plan finder, but they have a letter saying they “no longer automatically qualify for full help” how do you proceed?*
  15. 14. The client you are with has “Partial Help,” they are diabetic but not currently on insulin. Their doctor is considering prescribing insulin. Currently the most effective plan does cover this insulin. How would you proceed?*
  16. 15. The client you are working with has “Late Enrollment Penalty” (LEP) and when reviewing the drug plan results you inform the client that the plan finder does not reflect the LEP, how will the client know what their penalty is this year?*
  17. 16. If a client wants to take additional time to review the drug plan results and enroll at a later date, how can the client enroll in a new Medicare drug plan after the appointment?*
  18. 17. When you get to the page that says there are 27 Prescription Drug Plans available you notice the current plan has extremely high costs compared to some of the other plans, what is most likely to be the reason?*
  19. 18. When starting the review process for prescription plans which option is the best to select?*
  20. 19. When you get to the page that says, 27 Prescription Drug Plans available which way should you “filter plans”?*
  21. 20. The client you are working with is adamant they do not want a plan with a deductible due to their low fixed income; you explain this may not be their best option due to the high cost of the zero deductible plans and proceed by:*
  22. 21. In the plan finder if you select the “continue without logging in” option once you have entered the client’s Rx list and the plan finder times out you will have to:*
  23. 22. In the plan finder where are the two places that you can see if a pharmacy is preferred or standard*
  24. 23. In the plan finder where can you find the Rx tier information?*
  25. 24. In the estimated yearly drug costs section what costs are reflected in these totals?*
  26. 25. You are working with a beneficiary’s son and he is their rep payee, whose zip code should you use when creating an account*
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