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Online Training - Meals on Wheels

  1. Check Your Knowledge
  2. 1. You arrive at Ms. Jones’ home and find her on the floor. According to Ms. Jones she tripped and fell about 20 mins ago, and she is not hurt. You assess the situation and notice Ms. Jones is not bleeding, speaking clearly, and oriented. Ms. Jones asks if you can help her up. What do you do?*
  3. 2. You are attempting to deliver meals to Mr. Summers. His next door neighbor comes out and tells you he is not home; however, she offers to take the meals and give it to him when he comes home. What do you do? *
  4. 3. Mr. Harry leaves a note on his door stating he is not home, and asks you to leave the meals in the community fridge of his apartment building. What do you do?*
  5. 4. In chatting with Ms. Davis, she informs you that her granddaughter, with whom she lives, has taken her credit card and made several purchases without her permission, again. What do you do?*
  6. 5. While verifying meals you notice you are missing a hot meal for Mr. Frederick. What do you do?*
  7. 6. What is the proper way to verify meals?*
  8. 7. You notice Mr. Tate has a stockpile of meals in his refrigerator, is disheveled each time you deliver, and there is a smell of urine in the home. What do you do?*
  9. 8. To expedite delivery it is ok to pack clients’ hot meals and cold meals and component bag together. *
  10. 9. Ms. Thomas informs you she does not have money to pay her property taxes and is afraid she will lose her home. What do you do?*
  11. 10. What is the new number you call to reach the Senior Services Division if you can’t get through on the MOW staff line?*
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