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1. Bulk Trash: Who do I need to contact for bulk trash pickup?
2. County Right-of-Way: What is the County's policy for objects in the County right-of-way?
3. Dead Animals: I have a dead animal in front of my house, who will remove it?
4. Gravel Road: How do I get the gravel road I live on paved?
5. Guard Rail Damage: Who do I contact to report damaged guardrail?
6. Guard Rails - Mowing: Does the County mow around guard rails?
7. Leaf Collection: Does Frederick County have a leaf collection program?
8. Mud on Road: Who do I call when there is mud on roadway causing hazardous conditions?
9. New Signs: Who do I contact to request an All Way Stop sign?
10. Potholes: Who do I contact to report a pothole?
11. Roadway Markings: When does the County repaint the lines on the road?
12. Sight Distance: Does Highway Operations clear sight distance from my driveway?
13. Signals: What if I need to report a malfunctioning signal after normal business hours?
14. Sidewalks: Does Frederick County handle sidewalk maintenance?
15. Snow- Mailbox: When should I shovel around my mailbox?
16. Snow Plows: How do I keep the snow plows from pushing snow back into my driveway?
17. State Roads: How do I contact the State Highway Administration?
18. Speed Limits: What agency is responsible for posting speed limits?
19. Stop Sign: Who do I call to report a down or missing stop sign after hours?
20. Tree Blocking Road: Who do I call to report a down tree that is blocking the roadway?
21. Tree on Wires: Does Frederick County remove trees that are down on or tangled in wires?