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1. Does everyone get charged for an ambulance transport?
2. Who sets the rates that are charged and how much does an ambulance transport cost?
3. What will happen if I do not have insurance?
4. Is there a mechanism in place to reduce the cost associated with an ambulance transport?
5. Will my insurance rate go up because Frederick County charges for ambulance transport?
6. Does Medicare pay for ambulance transportation?
7. Will my insurance premiums go up because Frederick County files insurance claims for Ambulance Transport?
8. What happens if I call 911 and don't need to be transported? Will I be billed?
9. Isn't this double taxation? Am I already paying a fire/rescue tax for ambulance transport services through my property tax payment?
10. Why am I being billed for ambulance transport services? Isn't the service free?
11. What constitutes a "Medical Necessity" ambulance transport to Medicare?
12. Will my Subscription Club Membership cover me if I am visiting another state or country?
13. I received a bill and I am a Subscription Club member. Why did I receive a bill?
14. Will my Subscription Club Membership cover services provided by a private ambulance company?