Recycling Cart Exchange

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Due to staffing and service restrictions, each household can only request one cart exchange per calendar year. So please make sure you know what size cart you want to hold two weeks worth of material. When in doubt, order the larger size!

When deciding to "up-size" your cart or hand-held bin, please also make sure that you are recycling right! A lot of space inside a cart can be wasted on non-recyclable items (such as coffee/soda/Solo cups, hinged produce/bakery/ takeout containers, rotisserie chicken containers, salad bins, greasy pizza boxes, styrofoam, etc. NONE of those items are recyclable!) Visit for more info or use our free Recycle Coach app.

If your household has a recycling cart or bin, use this form to request an exchange for a different size.
Please note: each household is entitled to receive ONE recycling cart for no charge.

Keep in mind that recycling carts belong to Frederick County Government and are associated with a specific address. Carts stay at the house they’re assigned to, even if the homeowner moves.

Also, please note that carts cannot be permanently altered or marked on. (If you would like to label a cart with your address, try using duct tape or other non-permanent markings.)

Cart exchanges are made on one of your future recycling collection days. Please place your cart at the curb by 6am on your regularly scheduled day and leave it at the street all day so that the delivery crew can access it. If the exchange is not made, please try again on the next collection day. Thank you!
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