Creek ReLeaf - Calculate Proposed Area To Reforest

Calculate Your Proposed Area to Reforest

1. Select link to open Property Explorer Application
2. Disclaimer - Accept "I Agree"
3. Type in your address in the top right hand corner and hit enter:  


4. The address will show on the far left of the screen 
5. Single Click the address and it will zoom close to your property


6. Add Aerial Photo by Clicking and dragging the slider bar to the middle of the Aerial Imagery Box


7. Single Click on the tool box in the upper right hand corner  


8. Click on the Polygon tool to measure your proposed area


9. Single click at each vertex you want to capture for your proposed reforestation project. To complete the polygon, double click on the point close to your first point.


10. Use the approximate “Area:” shown in the black text box to record your proposed reforestation area (this will be recorded in Acres)


Place this area amount on form: Proposed acres to be reforested.