Special Event and Mobile Food

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Staff from the County Fire Marshal’s Office would like to apprise or remind you of importanFerris Wheel.bmpt fire safety changes to the 2016 State Fire Prevention Code that may affect your planning of events that include, but are not limited to: concerts, carnivals, fairs, festivals, and other types of public gatherings for entertainment or amusement. There are important Fire Safety Requirements pertaining to cooking operations, crowd managers, general fire safety, and tents. Please see our Special Events Guide for information to help with your event planning.  Also see our Tent Guideline for detailed information on the use of tents at your next event. Please see tab above regarding Mobile Food Units. 

Ensure Compliance

The Fire Marshal's Office inspects and assists with the planning of many events held in Frederick County each year. If your organization is planning or hosting an event in which the public will be attending, please contact the County Fire Marshal’s Office to ensure compliance with the Fire Prevention Code and to prevent unnecessary delays or problems associated with the event.  We recommend you contacting us at least two weeks in advance of your event and much sooner for large scale events.

Random Inspections

The County Fire Marshal’s Office does conduct random fire safety inspections of these types of gatherings to insure public safety and compliance with current adopted fire codes.