What Fireworks are Legal in Frederick County?

In Frederick County, only gold label sparklers, novelty items, and ground-based sparklers are legal.

It is illegal to discharge fireworks or possess with the intent to discharge any firework that explodes, rises into the air, moves across the ground or shoots projectiles into the air.

Illegal devices include, but are not limited to:
  • Firecrackers
  • Pop bottle rockets
  • Roman candles as well as other consumer and commercial shell devices

Approved Displays / Devices

Approved Public Fireworks Displays
Approved Ground Base Sparkling Devices for Sale/Use in Frederick County, Maryland

What are the Penalties for Discharging Illegal Fireworks?

A $500 civil citation and/or a criminal penalties can be imposed upon anyone who possesses fireworks with the intent to discharge or discharges fireworks without a permit or not in accordance with other local and state regulations. Each firework is considered a separate offense.

At the expense of the owner, all fireworks possessed or sold in violation of local or state regulations will be seized and forfeited in accordance with Maryland Public Safety Article 10-111.

How Can I Get Rid of Illegal Fireworks?

Just call us!

If you wish to report someone setting off fireworks in your neighborhood, please call the non-emergency phone number for Emergency Communications at 301-600-1603.

If you have fireworks that you want to dispose of you may do so by contacting the office of the Fire Marshal at 301-600-1479. We will gladly pick them up and safely dispose of them.

Civil or criminal penalties will not be imposed for voluntarily forfeiting illegal fireworks.

The office of the Fire Marshal recommends that you view fireworks at one of the many public fireworks displays located throughout the county and surrounding areas.