What About Insurance

I Have Insurance
Call your insurance agent / company as soon as possible. Even if the Fire Department is still on the scene. The sooner you report the fire to your insurance company, the better.

Ask your insurance company what to do about the immediate needs of your home, such as covering doors, windows, and other exposed areas. In most cases, your insurance company will have companies contracted and readily available to perform these services.
Ask your insurance agent / company what actions are required of you. Some policy holders may be required to make an inventory of damaged personal property showing in detail the quantity, description, and how much you paid for the items. In some cases, the insurance company may provide a representative to perform this work with you on behalf of the insurance company.

What If I Am Not Insured?
If you do not have homeowners or renters insurance, recovery from a fire loss may be based upon your own resources and help from your community.

Private organizations that may be sources of aid or information include:
  • American Red Cross
  • Civic organizations
  • Department of social services
  • Non-profit crisis counseling centers
  • Religious organizations
  • Salvation Army