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Fire Prevention & Safety        

Fire and Rescue understands the best way to fight fires and reduce injuries is by preventing them in the first place. 

  • By educating yourself on potential fire hazards in your home, you can take the first step to protecting your family from a destructive fire. 
  • You can also protect yourself by installing working smoke alarms and other fire safety devices.

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Home Fire Safety Survey
“Keep Kids Safe” Child Safety Seat Program
Grill-BBQ-Turkey Fryer
Holiday Fire Safety - Christmas and Passover
Using Candles Safely
Winter Fire Safety

  1. Home Fire Safety Survey
  2. Child Safety Seats
  3. Grill-BBQ-Turkey Fryer
  4. Holiday-Christmas-Passover 
  5. Using Candles Safely
  6. Winter Fire Safety


  • House numbers are clearly displayed and visible from the street in accordance with the Frederick County Addressing Ordinance.
  • Trim trees away from electrical wires.
  • Keep trash to a minimum.
  • Make sure emergency personnel can access every room in you home.

 Heating Equipment & Fireplace

  • Keep space heaters at least 3 feet away from all combustibles. 
  • Replace furnace filters regularly.
  • Clean lint from behind clothes dryer.
  • Install a spark screen in front of the fireplace. 
  • Have chimney inspected and cleaned annually.
  • Dispose of ashes in metal containers away from your home.
  • Keep newspapers, clothes, clutter, and other combustibles away from the furnace and water heater.


  • Avoid overloading electrical circuits and outlets.
  • Inspect electrical cords and appliances for damage. 
  • Do not tack cords to the wall or run them under rugs. 
  • Maintain air space around electrical equipment such as TV’s, VCR, stereo, etc.
  • Install additional outlets by a qualified electrician to avoid using multiple plug adapters and extension cords. 
  • If you use extension cords, make sure they are listed and are of the proper size for the equipment being used.

 Flammable Liquids & Hazardous Materials

  • Limit the amount of chemicals stored. 
  • Dispose of and recycle household hazardous materials properly.
  • Store hazardous materials in proper containers with tight-fitting lids and correct identification labels.
  • Store hazardous materials away from heat sources.
  • Allow for proper ventilation when using flammable liquids and hazardous materials.
  • Put oily rags in metal containers with tight-fitting lids, not in a pile where they can spontaneously ignite. 


  • Never leave cooking unattended.
  • Cuff sleeves and turn pot handles inward when cooking to avoid burn injuries.
  • Never store combustibles in oven or on top of the stove.
  • When barbecuing, move unit away from the home.
  • Dispose of coals / ashes in metal containers and away from the home.

 Smoking Materials & Candles

  • Never leave cigarettes or candles unattended.
  • Purchase and use ashtrays that have the center support feature.
  • Empty ashtrays into noncombustible containers only.
  • Never smoke in bed.
  • Place candles in noncombustible, sturdy holders.
  • Keep matches and lighters out of reach of children.

 Smoke Alarms

  • Install smoke alarms inside and outside every sleeping area and on every level of your home.
  • Test smoke alarms once a month.
  • Unless you have an extended life / sealed battery, replace batteries in all smoke alarms when you change the time on your clocks twice a year.
  • Replace smoke alarms every 10 years.

 Fire Extinguishers

  • Purchase a multipurpose (ABC) fire extinguisher.
  • Teach your family how to use a fire extinguisher (Use "PASS" - Pull the Pin, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep)
  • Inspect extinguishers annually.

 Develop & Practice a Home Escape Plan

  •  Develop a home escape plan that includes:
    • Crawling low under smoke
    • Two exits out of your home
    • A meeting place outside
  • Practice escape plan at least every 6 months with every member.
  • Teach all family members how to:
    • Dial 911 in an emergency.
    • Stop, Drop and Roll if clothes catch fire.