Rural Broadband Information

Frederick County is aware that lack of effective broadband access is a problem in many areas of the county. In 2020, Frederick County commissioned a Rural Broadband Study with matching grant funding from the Maryland Rural Broadband Office. This study provides an assessment of broadband needs in the County and identifies potential strategies to address these needs.

Rural Broadband Study Highlights

  • Most County Residents have Broadband Access, via Comcast, but More Rural Areas are Generally Unserved
    • Comcast franchise agreement requires service to be provided where there is an average of 20 or more homes per mile from Comcast’s existing infrastructure, with some restrictions for long driveways. 
  • Wireless Broadband Providers Claim Significant Coverage Across the County, but Landscape and Tree Cover Significantly Hinder Service in Many Areas
  • State and Federal Grants are Available that May Provide Funding for Broadband Projects in Unserved Areas
  • County Should Develop a Multi-Year Strategy, Including Grant Funding, to Address Rural Broadband Issue

Rural Broadband Strategy

  • The County has Hired CTC Technology & Energy to Assist with Developing a Multi-Year Rural Broadband Strategy.
  • The County Plans to Work with Comcast and/or Other Broadband Providers to Improve Broadband Access.
  • The County Does Not Intend to Become a Broadband Provider.
  • The County is Evaluating Funding that Could be made Available to Assist with Broadband Projects.

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Additional Information

Shentel Cable Franchise Agreement (Updated December 2023)

Comcast Cable Franchise Agreement (Updated May 2018)