Solar Co-op: Save Money on Renewable Energy!

A family stands in front of solar panels.The Capital Area Solar Switch is a regional, limited-time cooperative purchasing gprogram that enables individual buyers to band together in order to secure reduced pricing on rooftop solar panels, battery storage, and electric vehicle charging stations. A typical household is expected to save around $4,000 on a solar system purchase and installation through this program. The Inflation Reduction Act federal solar tax credit could further reduce costs by an additional 30%!

Maryland jurisdictions participating in the program include Montgomery, Prince George's and Frederick Counties.

Registration in the program is free and there is no obligation to purchase solar panels. Residents will have the option to move forward with a solar installation based on program-negotiated competitive pricing that includes the cooperative's group discount. 

Visit to learn more or register. 

Program Timeline

This program recurs annually, with a limited time to register for participation. To be alerted when the co-op opens next year, please follow us on Facebook.
  • May 15 - June 20:

    The number of people who register in this timeframe will determine the group purchasing power. More participants = lower costs!

  • June 21:

    Capital Area Solar Switch will negotiate a competitive reverse auction with qualified installation companies.

  • June 21 - August 30:

    Program registration remains open, but pricing is now set. Participants will receive a personal recommendation for a rooftop solar system tailored to fit their individual needs. Deciding whether or not to move ahead with a project is completely optional and up to participants.

  • July 20:

    Drop by Linganore Winecellars from 5 - 7pm for a "Solar Happy Hour" to meet co-op representatives as well as neighbors who are part of the program. Sip, chat, and get all your solar questions answered!

  • July 26:  Stop by McClintock's Distillery for our "Green Drinks" program on the solar-coop and other rebates and incentives to help make the switch to renewable energy.
  • By January 2024:

    All solar installation projects are completed.

How it Works

  1. You register – free and without obligation.  You can register online for our group purchasing/switching programs by filling in your contact details and some basic information about your current energy usage and/or costs. Registration is free and there is no obligation to purchase solar panels.
  2. The program conducts an auction - The Capital Area Solar Switch program will organize a reverse auction and invites qualified, pre-vetted contractors to compete for your business. The provider(s) that offer the lowest bid win the auction.
  3. You receive a personal offer - Once the installer(s) are chosen, you will receive an email with a personal offer about the winning provider, the costs, and your potential savings.
  4. You decide - You decide whether or not to accept the offer – it’s completely up to you. If you choose, to move forward with the process, the program asks you to provide a 100% refundable deposit of $150. When your solar installation is complete, the money will go toward the cost of the installation. If you pay the deposit but at any time decide to opt out of the program, the money is completely refundable. 
  5. Start saving!  Only if you accept the offer does the Capital Area Solar Switch program share your contact information with the winning contractor. Program representatives stay involved during the entire fulfillment process to ensure everything goes smoothly. If you have any questions, you can contact the Capital Area Solar Switch team at any time!
  6. Be part of a community - Once you join Capital Area Solar Switch, you join the growing solar-power movement. As a member, you will have a built-in network of support and inspiration from others who, like you, are taking a stand for energy freedom and advancing the clean energy economy.

Visit to learn more or register today.

You can also join our free, in-person informational event at Linganore Winecellars, from 5 - 7pm on July 20! Details can be found here: