Accessibility Features

TransIT Services Accessibility Features

We want to make our services accessible to everyone in our service area, including persons with disabilities. We approach this in many ways.

Throughout Our Organization

  • All of our printed public information is also available in large print or audiotape format upon request.
  • TDD / TTY users may call our office directly using the Maryland Relay System (800-735-2258).
  • All of our drivers and management staff are trained in passenger assistance techniques and sensitivity towards persons with disabilities. Key administrative staff as well as several drivers received 12 hours of American Sign Language instruction through Deaf Access Services customized for transportation.
  • Our Transportation Services Advisory Council includes citizen and organizational representation of persons with disabilities.

Connector Routes in the City of Frederick

  • All transit buses operated on our “connector” routes in the City of Frederick are lift-equipped and have 2 wheelchair securement positions on board. Twenty-three buses are also equipped with a “kneeler” feature, which allows the front of the bus to lower 5 inches to make the step from the curb to the bus easier. Drivers will engage the lift or ramp or kneeler features upon request at any stop location. 
  • Six “Connector” routes offer deviated route service. Passengers may request a route deviation within 3/4 mile of the route.
  • Drivers announce major stops and transfer points. Other locations will be announced upon request, to assist passengers in orienting themselves while on board.
  • Our TransIT Buddy Program provides 1 on 1 travel training for persons who need a little help in learning to use the bus system.

Shuttle Routes In Frederick County

  • A wheelchair-accessible vehicle will be operated on any of our 6 shuttle routes with 24-hour advanced request. In addition, we will make courtesy stops on our Brunswick, Emmitsburg, East Frederick, North Frederick, and Route 85 shuttles for individuals with difficulty getting to our fixed stops.

Paratransit Services

  • TransIT-plus is a county-wide paratransit service for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. This service is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. Wheelchair-accessible service is available upon request. Advanced registration is required.
  • In addition to TransIT-plus, we offer ADA paratransit for individuals who are unable to use our accessible fixed-route service in Frederick city because of their disability. ADA paratransit service is provided within 3/4 mile of the fixed-route “connector” and shuttle routes during the service hours and days of those routes. Eligibility to use this service is determined through an application process.