Feature Links

  1. County Executive

    County Executive's biography, public schedule and announcements

  2. County Council

    Find a list of council members and contact information for each member.

  3. Bids & RFPs

    Bids and RFP information

  4. Department of Aging

  5. Emergency Alerts

    Read about Frederick County government's emergency alerts system.

  6. Employment

    Search through current job openings, create a user account on GovernmentJobs.com, and job hunting resources.

  7. Property Search/GIS Maps & Roads

    Visit the Frederick County GIS Mapping Resources site for facts about your property, crime statistics in your neighborhood, online restoration tour, address search, survey control network, road closures, and our GIS website.

  8. Jury Information

    Visit the Maryland Courts website to find information about courts, legal help, lawyers, and more.

  9. Permits & Projects

    Permits and Projects

  10. Sheriff's Office

    Find the Sheriff's Office responsibilities, non-emergency phone numbers, follow the Sheriff's Office on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Watch videos, and community photos.

  11. Organizational Chart

    View Frederick County's organizational chart.

  12. Donate/Volunteer

    Donate Volunteer

  13. State's Att. Witness Update

    State's Attorney Witness Update

  14. Visitors

    Discover links to services we have for visitors of Frederick County.

  15. Mobile Site

    View our mobile site.