The Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation (MALPF)

Interested applicants should contact Shannon O’Neil, Land Preservation Planner II, at 301-600-1411 or via email. 


The Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation Program (MALPF) is a state land preservation program aimed at preserving prime farmland for future food and fiber production by paying farmers to extinguish their development rights. Since 1980, over 23,300 acres of prime farmland have been permanently protected in Frederick County and over 303,000 acres in the State of Maryland. See the Official MALPF Website for more information.


To apply for a MALPF easement, property owners must meet the following minimum requirements:

Have a minimum of 50 acres, unless an adjoining property is already protected

Have a soil quality of at least 50% class I, II, III soils or Woodland Groups I and II

Have remaining development rights