Citizens Services Division


401 Sagner Avenue
Frederick, MD 21701



Link: Citizen Services website

The administration provides direct oversight/monitoring to all departments within the Division. In addition, the Frederick County Community Partnership Grants are administered through this office
Name Title Email Phone
Goetz, Kelli Director of Operations 301-600-1410
Cambareri Kay, Christine Citizens Services Division Director  

Child Advocacy Center  

12 East Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701



Link: Child Advocacy Center website

Name Title Email Phone
Grove, Robin Director 301-600-1762
Hedges, Megan Family Advocate 301-600-6801
Holtzinger, Pam Pediatric Forensic Nurse Examiner 301-600-1795
Paylor, Dr. Karla Behavioral Developmental Pediatrician 301-600-1620
Veith, Jenny MA, LPC Child and Family Counselor 301-600-1752
Bender, Arielle Office Manager 301-600-1758
Dunn, Kristen Forensic Interviewer Fred Co DSS co-located CAC 301-600-1857

Family Partnership 

8420 Gas House Pike
Suite EE
Frederick, MD 21704



Name Title Email Phone
May, Barbara Director 301-600-2774
Barker, Amanda Services Supervisor   301-600-1895
Cree, Pam Fiscal Manager   301-600-2770
Dennis, Maria Family Programs Supervisor   301-600-2775
Dugue, James Case Manager   301-600-2784
Fallati, Sara Family Advocate   301-600-2242
Gabourel, Avanti Case Manager   301-600-2210
Gower, Bernie Employment Instructor   301-600-1896
Gros, Ali Case Manager   301-600-2779
Haggard, Steph GED Instructor   301-600-2227
House, Darren Case Manager   301-600-2203
Jacobs, Antonia Family Advocate   301-600-2783
Kokoski, Cindy Office Manager   301-600-2771
McDonough, Melissa Case Manager   301-600-2773
Moses, Latha Family Advocate   301-600-2781
Muriel, Martha Family Advocate   301-600-6848
Quynn, Patricia Child Development Supervisor   301-600-2250
Rice, Heather Family Advocate   301-600-2780
Ruiz, Martha Program Instructor   301-600-2778
Rosevear, Beth Administrative Specialist IV   301-600-2772
Simpson, Beverly Case Manager   301-600-2782
Sutsakhan, Angela ESL Instructor   301-600-6841
Tyler, Rich Case Manager   301-600-1408
Wivell, Shelly Family Advocate   301-600-2241

Housing & Community Development 

401 Sagner Avenue
Frederick, MD 21701



Link: Housing Department

Name Title Email Phone
Bailey, Milton Director 301-600-3530
Brown, Susan Housing Program Manager - Rental 301-600-1062
Clavey, Brandi Fiscal Assistant 301-600-6092
Damuth, Karen Administrative Specialist V 301-600-3504
Downing, Donna Housing Program Coordinator - Rental 301-600-3532
Halter, Kim Office Manager 301-600-6091
Hubbard, David Housing Inspector 301-600-1023
Stouffer, Missi Rental Housing Specialist 301-600-6096
Sutton, Heather Housing Program Coordinator - Homeownership 301-600-6647
Trout, Ryan Housing Program Manager - Community Development 301-600-3518
Vergara, Shirley Sr. Fiscal Manager 301-600-3556
Walters, Damien Housing Program Coordinator - Rehabilitation 301-600-3531

Human Relations 

401 Sagner Avenue
Frederick, MD 21701



Name Title Email Phone
Ward, Miles Director 301-600-1110
Fleet, Pat Administrative Coordinator 301-600-1063

Office of Children and Families 

401 Sagner Avenue
Frederick, MD 21701



Link: Office for Children and Families website

Name Title Email Phone
Barker-Frey, Jennifer Program Evaluator 301-600-3536
Toms, Shelly Director 301-600-1447
Sims, Brooke Local Care Team Assistant 301-600-1077
Ford, Sarah Administrative Coordinator 301-600-1074

Scott Key Center 

1050 Rocky Springs Rd
Frederick, MD 21702

Frederick, MD 21701


Link: Scott Key Center

Name Title Email Phone
Lore, Sean Executive Director 301-600-1600
Dennison, Shawn Job Development Specialist 301-600-1631