Citizens Services Division


12 E Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701



Link: Citizen Services website

The administration provides direct oversight/monitoring to all departments within the Division. In addition, the Frederick County Community Partnership Grants are administered through this office

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Goetz, Kelli Acting Deputy Director 301-600-1410  
Cambareri Kay, Christine Citizens Services Division Director 301-600-1065  
Navarro, Leyda Executive Assistant 301-600-1454  

Child Advocacy Center  

12 East Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701



Link: Child Advocacy Center website

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Grove, Robin Director 301-600-1762  
Holtzinger, Pam Pediatric Forensic Nurse Examiner 301-600-1795  
Paylor, Karla Behavioral Developmental Pediatrician 301-600-1620  
Bender, Arielle Fiscal Administrator 301-600-1758  
Dunn, Kristen Forensic Interviewer Fred Co DSS co-located CAC 301-600-1857  
Hathcock, Starling Child and Family Counselor 301-600-1752  
Hochberger-Vigsittaboot, Maya P/T Child and Family Counselor    
Moseman, Jenna Family Advocate 301-600-6801  
Brooks, Chantell Services Supervisor 301-600-1861  

Family Partnership 

8420 Gas House Pike
Suite EE
Frederick, MD 21704



Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
May, Barbara Director 301-600-2774  
Barker, Amanda Services Supervisor 301-600-1895  
Brown, Krystal Child Development Assistant   301-600-2206  
Buckham, Wendy Child and Family Specialist   301-600-6854  
Candelario, Yok Ling Family Advocate 301-600-2206  
Dugue, James Case Manager   301-600-2784  
Fair, Kerry Child Development Supervisor 301-600-2250  
Fallati, Sara Administrative Coordinator 301-600-2771  
Fortune, Dina Child and Family Assistant   301-600-2206  
Gabourel, Avanti Case Manager   301-600-2210  
Gladchuk, Angela Part-Time Administrative Specialist IV 301-600-6849  
Jacobs, Antonia Family Advocate   301-600-2783  
Kokoski, Cindy Fiscal Administrator 301-600-2771  
Mendez, Victor GED Instructor 301-600-2227  
Miller, Susan Employment Services Specialist 301-600-1896  
Moncada, Emily Case Manager 301-600-2773  
Moses, Latha Family Advocate   301-600-2781  
Mulford, Ali Case Manager   301-600-2779  
Muriel, Martha Family Advocate   301-600-6848  
Rice, Heather Family Advocate   301-600-2780  
Rosevear, Beth Administrative Specialist IV   301-600-2772  
Ruiz, Martha Program Instructor   301-600-2778  
Simpson, Beverly Case Manager   301-600-2782  
Stup, Erin ESL Instructor   301-600-6841  
Tyler, Rich Case Manager   301-600-1408  
Wivell, Shelly Family Advocate   301-600-2241  

Housing & Community Development 

401 Sagner Avenue
Frederick, MD 21701



Link: Housing Department

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Amell, Teia Fiscal Assistant 301-600-6093  
Brown, Susan Director 301-600-3530  
Downing, Donna Housing Program Coordinator - Rental Programs 301-600-3532  
Halter, Kim Administrative Coordinator 301-600-6091  
Helmick, Ted Housing Program Coordinator - Rehabilitation Programs 301-600-3531  
Ibrahim, Noura Housing Program Coordinator - Homebuyer Programs 301-600-6647  
Kitchin, Bill Housing Program Manager - Rental Programs 301-600-1062  
Metz, Lauren Housing Program Manager - Community Development 301-600-3518  
Nicolau, Ingrid Administrative Specialist 301-600-1420  
Stouffer, Missi Rental Housing Specialist 301-600-6096  
Tressler, Brandi Fiscal Specialist 301-600-6092  
Vergara, Shirley Financial Office Manager 301-600-3556  
Walters, Damien Housing Inspector 301-600-1023  

Human Relations 

401 Sagner Avenue
Frederick, MD 21701



Office for Children and Families 

401 Sagner Avenue
Frederick, MD 21701



Link: Office for Children and Families website

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Barker-Frey, Jennifer Program Evaluator 301-600-3536  
Toms, Shelly Director 301-600-1447  
Ford, Sarah Administrative Specialist II 301-600-1074  
Olivo, Pilar ACEs Liaison 301-471-3400  
Chandler, Leshia (She/Her) Local Care Team Coordinator 301-600-1077  

Scott Key Center 

1050 Rocky Springs Rd
Frederick, MD 21702

1050 Rocky Springs Road
Frederick, MD 21702


Link: Scott Key Center

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Lore, Sean Director 301-600-1601  
Daly, Sassy Sr. Community Support Manager 301-600-1481  
Baker, Jennifer Administrative Coordinator 301-600-1602  
Crum, Mary Day Services Manager 301-600-6067  
Nearchos, Greg Community Support Manager - Janitorial 301-600-1484 301-471-5950
McCann, Erica Community Support Manager - Community Access 301-600-2539 240-910-5623
Spottswood, Michelle Individual Supports Manager 301-600-1631 240-910-5626
Wheatley, Maya Individual Supports Manager 301-600-1482 240-831-1030
Winn, Matt Transportation Specialist 301-600-1675 240-831-1040
Byrd, Marissa Registered Nurse 301-600-1704 240-405-4784
Galey, Marcia Job Development Specialist 240-831-1028  
Triplett, Katie Job Development Specialist 240-931-7715