Department of Fleet Services


331 Montevue Lane
Frederick, MD 21701


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Endlich, Jeremy Director of Fleet Services 301-600-3588  
Dalfonzo, Anthony Assistant Director, Fleet Services 301-600-3589  
Bowie, Sharon Administrative Specialist II 301-600-1814  
Harris, Wayne Service Manager, Auto 301-600-1571  
Brown, Wayne Service Manager, Fire 301-600-1568  
Hughes, Helen Service Coordinator 301-600-3564  
Tobery, Bobby Inventory Specialist 301-600-1409  
Wisner, Scott Inventory Specialist 301-600-1569  
Lesher, Adam Service Manager, Heavy Equipment 301-600-3226  
Feser, Eric Fiscal Specialist 301-600-1572