Division of Energy & Environment


30 N. Market Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Moore, Shannon Director 2406087406  
Ashbacher, Dawn Climate and Energy Manager 2406085503  
Campbell, Kim Project Manager 3017125928  
Cliber, Suzanne Program Specialist 2403857226  
Dorsey, Donald Department Head 2408311975  
Joiner, Jeremy Project Manager IV 2408311995  
Nizzardi, Leann Administrative Specialist II 3016001416  
Williamson, Linda Project Manager III 2406087426  
Information, General Office   3016001416  
Adesuyi, Ayodeji GIS Analyst 2407413540  
Burrows, Ben Program Administrator 2409318874  
Cramer, Bob Environmental Inspector 2405492428  
Creamer, Annmarie Communications Manager 3017489483  
Gorsky, Emily Administrative Specialist 2405783773  
Green, Ben Project Manager 3014718705  
Humphrey, Lindsey Program Administrator 2407720390  
McSherry, Logan Project Manager 2405782834  
Mielcarek, Kristin Grants Manager 2406087406  
Richardson, Tiara Sustainability Program Manager 3015144626