Department of Permits & Inspections


30 N. Market St.
Frederick, MD 21701


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
, Vacant Director of Permits & Inspections      
Bonomo, Ashlye Assistant Director of Permits & Inspections 301-600-3463  
Pearl, Emily Administrative Coordinator 301-600-6721  

Permitting Services 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Libbey, Megan Manager of Permitting Services 301-600-6727  
Walters, Shannon Assistant Permitting Services Manager 301-600-1095  
Rosenberger, Staci Permit Coordinator 301-600-6766  
White, Abbie Senior Permits Specialist 301-600-6481  
Anderson, Katrina Sr. Permits Specialist 301-600-1089  
Wivell, Linda Permits Specialist II 301-600-1091  
Getzandanner, Toby Permit Specialist I 301-600-6496  
Dave, Prerana Permits Specialist I 301-600-1483  

Inspection Services 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Blickenstaff, Steve Manager of Inspection Services 301-600-1076 240-674-2396
Mehaffie, Keith Chief Building Inspector 240-931-9175  
Barbeito, Ron Building Inspector II 240-397-3272  
Sober, Eric Building Inspector I 240-357-5853  
Solera, Roy Building Inspector I 240-357-3666  
Lebel, Pierre Building Inspector I (Code Enforcement) 240-674-2091  
McNiff, Christopher Combination Inspector I 240-674-4237  
Fleming, Michael Chief Plumbing Inspector 301-600-6480 240-446-4652
Cavell, Daniel Plumbing Inspector I 240-439-9777  
Noel, Scott Plumbing Inspector I 240-674-1107  
Walker, Gerald Plumbing Inspector I 240-741-3710  
Rhoton, Mark Chief Electrical Inspector 301-600-2522 240-397-3002
Trapane, Rich Electrical Inspector II 240-674-1132  
Martinez, Mike Electrical Inspector II 240-651-4145  
Stout, Kelly Electrical Inspector I 301-639-9096  

Stormwater Engineering & Environmental Compliance 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Dodson, Eric Engineering Supervisor, Environmental Compliance 301-600-3507 301-748-7263
Kapoor, Vijay Engineering Specialist III 301-600-1560  
Krause, Nathaniel Engineer III 301-600-1137  
McGrew, Matt Lead Environmental Compliance Inspector II 240-608-5444  
Cochran, Douglas Environmental Compliance Inspector 301-471-8572  
Mikulas, Rusty Environmental Compliance Inspector 301-748-9657  

Building Plan Review & Office of Life Safety 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Rowley, Matt Building Plans Reviewer II 301-600-1083 240-651-4146
Compell, Ken Building Plans Reviewer II 301-600-3353  
Baumgardner, Debbie Building Plan Review Technician 301-600-1086  
Crosby, Wayne Fire Inspector 240-315-8562  
Bartlett, Charles Fire Inspector 240-674-6190  
Harrison, Christopher Fire Inspector I 240-439-3037