How do I become a registered vendor?

Frederick County Department of Procurement & Contracting now uses Public Purchase, a government-focused web-based e-Procurement service.  In order to begin, or continue to, receive bid notifications as a current vendor you must register with Public Purchase.  This is a two-step registration process.  Registration is FREE.  Instructions to register are located on Frederick County’s Procurement & Contracting Vendor Registration web page.

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1. How do I become a registered vendor?
2. Where do I find available bids?
3. How do I get a bid or RFP document?
4. If I have questions about a bid or RFP, what should I do?
5. What is a mandatory pre-bid meeting?
6. Can I attend a bid opening?
7. How do I get bid opening results?
8. When and how are bid proposals awarded?
9. What is the fax number for the Procurement & Contracting Department?
10. Where is the Frederick County Procurement & Contracting Department located?