How do I ride the bus?

a. First, determine which route serves the area where you want to travel. For example, if you are planning a trip to FCC, consult the 60 or 61/FCC Connector route brochures. Google Maps is an online tool that can also be used to plan transit trips from your smartphone or desktop computer. Determine when you would like to arrive at your destination and look at the bus arrival times to determine which best suits your needs.

b. Next, determine where and when you will need to catch the bus in order to arrive at your destination at the desired time. Plan to arrive at the bus stop five minutes early. It may be necessary for you to transfer if the bus that serves your destination does not serve the area in which you plan to board the bus. If so, consult the route brochure for the route that serves the area in which you want to board the bus, and find the transfer point between the two routes. For example, if you want to board the bus at FSK Mall to travel to FCC, you will have to transfer from the 20/FSK Mall Connector to the 60 or 61/FCC Connector at the Transit Center in downtown Frederick.

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