Doing Business with Frederick County

Business Partners

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in doing business with Frederick County Government. The Procurement and Contracting Department operates a Vendor Registration System that allows vendors to register online, view, update, and continually maintain their own business information, including all commodities and services provided. Based on the commodity and service information you provide, you will receive notification via email, of current Invitations for bid and requests for proposal, and may be contacted for requests for quotation.


Frederick County will be implementing a new financial and procurement system that will affect how all vendors interact with the County.  Vendors will have the ability to register their information through the Supplier Portal.

This new online vendor registration and notification service will be referred to as "Supplier Portal" and will be the means by which the vendor receives bidding notifications, submits invoices, etc.  More information is coming soon and training will be available.  Stay tuned!

Frederick County Workforce Services

Businesses that apply for contracts with Frederick County Government are encouraged to take advantage of the many programs and resources available through Frederick County Workforce Services. The professionals at FCWS can provide you with swift and efficient recruitment and placement assistance as you begin the process of employing new workers. FCWS can also connect you with other valuable business services such as employee training programs, tax credits, and more. Please visit Frederick works or call 301-600-2255 to learn how to save time and money by partnering with your local 1-stop workforce center.