Small Pets

Selecting Other Pets

Finding the right pet for your family is not an easy task. You must consider what goals you have for the experience and how much effort and expense you can afford. Children benefit from the companionship of an animal and from the responsibility of caring for another living being. However, children can’t be responsible for the pet’s care without the support of adults. They will not enjoy a pet that becomes a chore, and neither will you. Children should not have to bear the loss or illness of a pet because they are forgetful.

Farm & Exotic Animals

Farm and exotic animals offer many pet options. Check local regulations to be sure they are permitted in your area. Pocket pets include hamsters, lizards, fish and even tarantulas. Recently, sugar gliders, hedgehogs and llamas have become popular pets.
Exotic pets have exotic needs. Be sure to do your research. Here are some sources for information.