Who Can Recycle?

Single-Family Homes

Curbside collection is primarily a service offered to single family homes - this includes individual homes, townhomes and row houses. This service began as a pilot project in 1991 and was provided to approximately 4,000 single-family households. Over the next 15 years the program grew to include more than 55,000 homes!

In 2008 the Board of County Commissioners voted to expand this successful program to include all single-family households in Frederick County. By switching to an every-other-week collection schedule, more than 15,000 additional households were able to be added to the collection routes and in 2009 began recycling curbside for the first time! As of 2019, more than 79,000 households are eligible for curbside service. Please note that recycling is not mandatory, so each household decides if and how they will participate.

Multi-Family Dwellings

Visit our webpage on multi-family recycling for specific information, including State law and local options.