Licenses for Establishments
Frederick County Liquor Board offers three different kinds of licenses: (Beer Only, Beer & Light Wine, and Beer, Wine & Liquor).  Further, there are three classes of licenses in Frederick County: Class A-Off Sale Only, Class B-On Sale (Beer, Wine and Liquor with an alcoholic content of up to 14.5% by volume may be sold off sale with a Class B license); and Class C-On Sale Only for non-profit clubs.

To begin the application process, fill out the Application Request Form below.  Return the form to the office by email, fax or in person and in 24-48 hours an application will be customized per your request and emailed to you.  The completed application must be submitted in 30 days to Liquor Board staff.  Once the completed application has been submitted and accepted, you will be scheduled for a hearing in approximately 45 days.  In the meantime, you will need to obtain approval from various County or State agencies (a list will be provided with your application and Liquor Board staff will reach out to the various agencies).  At the time of the hearing, the Board will review your application.  If the Board approves the application they will give a date of conditional approval. This is a date based on your testimony and the pending inspections/items to be completed before the license can be issued.

Special (One-Day) Licenses for Non-Profit Organizations
Special Licenses are issued to Non-Profit Organizations and Clubs for specific Occasions or events, not to exceed a consecutive seven day duration.  All Special Licenses are Class C, On Sale ONLY, for consumption on the premises only.  To begin the process download and save the application below.  When complete, print the application, obtain original signatures and notary information and submit it to the Liquor Board office at least two weeks prior to the event to avoid late fees.  Instructions and a Diagram checklist are also listed below to assist you with the application.

Frederick County Liquor Board offers three different types of licenses.  The types and prices are listed below:
Beer Only $10 per day
Beer & Light Wine (Light Wine is up to 22% alcoholic content) $10 per day
Beer, Wine & Liquor $30 per day

A license IS required when alcoholic beverages are sold, This includes, but is not limited to,
  • A cash bar
  • Included in the price of a ticket or entry fee (set fee or donation)
  • For purchase of a ticket or token to exchange for an alcoholic beverage
  • An event where everything is free, but a donation of any amount is required.
A license is NOT required for,
  • An event that is BYOB
  • Wedding reception or an open house, or some type of event where the host is providing all the alcoholic beverages, and no fee of any type is charged to attend
If the details of your event are not exactly as presented in this information, please click here to send an email with the event information so that we may be able to advise you if a license is required.

**Special Event and Anniversary Bottles are permitted, however you must contact staff for further details.