Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit

We are not accepting applications for the Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit (MPDU) Program because there are no MPDU housing units currently being developed.  Check this web page periodically for changes, updates, or announcements regarding the MPDU Program.

The MPDU Ordinance, applicable zoning text amendment, and updated regulations are below.

MPDU Amendment - 2017

  • Bill No. 17-10 (amend Chapter 1-6A to continue in effect the option to pay a per dwelling unit payment in lieu of building moderately priced dwelling units, to adjust the amount of the payment, and to provide for a triennial adjustment of the payment in lieu amount.

MPDU Amendment - 2016

  • Bill No. 16-08 

    (extension of the expiration of Section 1-6A-5.1 to allow Payment of a Fee in Lieu of building MPDU's until June 30, 2017.)

MPDU Revisions - 2015

MPDU Amendment - 2015

  • Bill No. 15-06 (related regulation change requirements will take place in the fall of 2015)


MPDU Revisions to Add a Payment in Lieu Option - 2011

MPDU Revisions - 2005

MPDU Adoption Documents - 2002

An Ordinance to Amend Chapter 1-6A of the Frederick County Code (MPDU) to Add a Payment in Lieu Option- Ordinance No.11-20-586

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