MPDU Legislation

MPDU Amendment - 2017

  • Bill No. 17-10 (amend Chapter 1-6A to continue in effect the option to pay a per dwelling unit payment in lieu of building moderately priced dwelling units, to adjust the amount of the payment, and to provide for a triennial adjustment of the payment in lieu amount.

MPDU Amendment - 2016

  • Bill No. 16-08 (extension of the expiration of Section 1-6A-5.1 to allow Payment of a Fee in Lieu of building MPDU's until June 30, 2017.)

MPDU Revisions - 2015

MPDU Amendment - 2015

  • Bill No. 15-06 (related regulation change requirements will take place in the fall of 2015).

MPDU Revisions to Add a Payment in Lieu Option - 2011

MPDU Revisions - 2005

MPDU Adoption Documents - 2002