Remote Hearing Information

Per the Maryland Rules the following Guidelines have been created for Remote Hearings for the Maryland Trial Courts.

Guidelines for Remote Hearings in the Maryland Trial Courts

The following procedures have been adopted by the Frederick County Circuit Court based on the above Guidelines. 

Administrative Order Regarding Remote Hearing Requests

Some Court proceedings may continue to be conducted remotely.  However, the hearing types listed below will routinely be scheduled as in-person hearings and all parties appear are expected to appear in person unless a Motion for Remote Proceeding / Appear Remotely is granted. The forms are found here: Motion to Appear Remotely  &  Order Regarding Motion to Appear Remotely

ALL contested matters including

Criminal Pre-Trial Hearings

Pendente Lite Hearings

Motions Hearings in ALL casetypes

Merits Hearings and Trials in ALL casetypes

Scheduling Conferences in FAMILY CASETYPES ONLY

The following types of hearings MAY or MAY NOT be scheduled as remote hearings:

                Scheduling Conferences in all casetypes, with the exception of family casetypes

                Status Conferences in all civil and family cases

                Pre-Trial Conferences in all civil and family cases

                Juvenile matters  (both CINA and Delinquency)

                Any uncontested matters in family casetypes that require testimony only

For any hearings / court proceedings that have been determined to be held remotely, the Judge or Magistrate's chambers assigned to hear the matter will contact you the afternoon prior to your scheduled hearing date.  At that time you will be given instructions on how to participate in the hearing. If you are a party and represented by counsel, please notify your counsel of all correct contact information for a Remote Hearing to include, mailing address, email address, and telephone numbers.  

All parties MUST fill out and file with the Clerk of the Court, the below Memorandum, seven (7) days prior to any scheduled hearing, ensuring the Court has your updated contact information to proceed with any hearing that may be held remotely.   The Memorandum to be filed is found here:  MEMORANDUM OF CONTACT INFORMATION FOR REMOTE HEARING

ANY PARTY OR INTERESTED PERSON CAN REQUEST TO BE HEARD REMOTELY, the assigned judge or administrative judge will rule on the request on a case by case basis.

Any party can be present in court for any proceeding, subject to social distancing and COVID clearances for entry into the courthouse.

For more information and assistance with Remote Hearings please go to the Remote Hearing Toolkit Page